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Process (How it works)

I work with individuals and families to develop custom meal plans that fit your lifestyle. The process begins with learning about your dietary needs and preferences. This initial part of the process is usually taken care of over the phone.

A few days before our scheduled cook date, I will send recommendations based on your needs and the food season we may be in. These recommendations are sent in the form of a menu. Together we can adjust or customize it so that it's just right for you and your family. From there, I'll shop, prep, and cook and package your weekly meals so they are ready whenever you may need them.

Most families will have 3-4 meals per week. Each meal is customized and includes a protein and two sides (certainly the latter is not set in stone as I accommodate Paleo, Vegan, and vegetarian diets). Average cost for three meals will range from $375 to $475, which includes the food and containers they are stored in.

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